Session 9

Students in the driver's seat – using innovative real-time feedback mechanisms
Georgios Dafoulas, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Middlesex University London
Martin Loomes, PVC, Executive Dean Faculty of Science and Technology, Middlesex University London
Cristiano Maia, Graduate Academic Assistant, Computer Science
, Middlesex University London

Uncertainty in the classroom manifests in many ways including the real impression a teaching session makes to an audience. Students are provided with the means to provide their own feedback usually through forms at the end of a lecture or a module. It is time technology provides a real time feedback mechanism for students who wish to see immediate response by presenters.

Session summary:
The session focused on demonstrating a range of innovative feedback mechanisms with emphasis on visualisation techniques as well as using optical head mounted displays for real-time feedback.

The session structure was as follows:

  • A brief overview of the evolution of feedback mechanisms.
  • A demonstration of the use of Student Observable Behaviours (SOBs) for individual assessment and feedback (introducing how the SOB platform has been used for two more modules) 
  • A demonstration of social media use in learning sessions and as an e-portfolio platform.
  • A demonstration of using Google Glass, Kinect and camcorders for providing integrated rich feedback to students. 
  • A hands on activity showing how the presenters will use Google Glass for a speaker to receive real-time feedback from students as well as instructions from a moderator/mentor during teaching observations.