Lunchtime session 1

'Contract Cheating': an overview of perspectives (academic, student) exploring ways to detect and alleviate contract cheating, considering the roles of registry and technology
Adam Edwards, Library Liaison Manager
Sue Bailey, Deputy Academic Registrar; 
Venetia Brown, Director of Programmes - Post Qualifying Nursing, Child Health
Jordan Lewis, Middlesex University Students' Union

Contract cheating, where students employ other people to complete a piece of work for them, is an increasing issue in UK higher education. This session will feature short presentations from University staff and MDXSU about the current situation. It aims to provide an overview for academic and professional staff of the main challenges for universities of essay mills and contract cheating and to start a discussion on ways in which it might be tackled at Middlesex.


Session outline:
  1. Overview of the issues: Adam Edwards
  2. Registry perspective and regulations: Sue Bailey
  3. The experience of an academic: Venetia Brown
  4. The MDXSU view: Michael Jones
  5. Discussion of effective ways of tackling the issue at Middlesex University

Key words:
Plagiarism, contract cheating, regulations